Prisma Games
We don't just build games,
we create adventures.
Who we are

We are a group of young, talented game developers located across the globe, devoted solely to the development of the best possible games. Our company is based in Prishtina, Kosovo.

We work to our highest of standards to provide the best for our community, because we take pride and ambition in giving gamers the best!

Our games
These are some of the games we've worked on
Siren Head: Awakening
You're stuck with your car in the middle of a dark forest with nothing but your flashlight. Seek escape by finding items necessary to survive while a terrifying monster lurks the shadows.
October 2020
System Invaders
Experience waves upon waves of viruses that have infected your computer. Can you destroy all them?
March 2020
Make way for Kollomoch the chicken, by removing the obstacles blocking its way. Consume corn to survive, and keep going forwards for as long as you can!
March 2019
Meet the team
The most crucial part of a good team is finding the right people
Pëllumb Hasani
Being in this field for over 15 years, I know how to lead a team like Prisma Games. It's my mission to help my brother and his team achieve their dreams in becoming successful game developers!
Berat Hasani
Founder / Programmer
I'm a game player, maker and changer here at Prisma Games. being a gamer my while life, I decided that next logical step was to start making games, which is something I've always wanted to do.
Tyler Marriott
Co-founder / Musician
I've always had a fascination with music, how variant it can be, and how it can be emotional on people. Here at Prisma Games, I can finally put my talents to a greater use!
Dion Salihu
Head Musician
I’m a music producer, music has been a part of me since I was little. I also enjoy gaming and that’s how I got involved into making soundtracks for games, and the creative process of is is very satisfactory!
Noah Bigio
I've been drawing for a couple of years and enjoy playing games and watching anime in my free time. Being an illustrator here in Prisma Games has been a fun experience and puts my creativity to the test!
Milosz Majewski
I'm a wizard that's a level designer. I like helping people and eat a lot of pierogi. I love making levels because of how creative I can be with them!
Jesse K.
As I played games throughout my life, I grew to love analyzing what makes them good, and is why I'm a part of Prisma Games. Also, I'm a sucker for useless facts and watch anime.
Edonis Ismajli
I play a lot of strategic and military sim games, amongst others. I really like designing things, and my knowledge of it definitely comes in handy when making games.